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Assessment is an important part of education. Through assessment, as a teacher, you can figure out the students’ achievement during a certain period of time on a certain subject. And with this knowledge, you can evaluate students’ mastery and find solutions to improve students’ comprehension. In doing this assessment, you will need to create the test and the answer sheet.

Sample ACT Answer Sheet Template

A Ready-made Answer Sheet to Help Teachers Cut Their Workloads

Do you think that you have too many workloads to be handled? It is common knowledge that teachers have many things to do, such as preparing the lesson, teaching, assessing student’s achievement, doing the paperwork, and perform certain professional obligations. With all those responsibilities, it is no wonder that you feel overloaded.

To minimize your workload a little bit, you can use a ready-made answer sheet while preparing for the paper-based test for your students. With that ready-made sheet, you don’t need to create this sheet from scratch. As a result, you can save your time and cut your workloads.

Sample Answer Sheet for Multiple Choice Questions Word

Once you have this ready-made sheet, you must open it on a computer program that is compatible with the file of this sheet. After that, you can set the margins and the paper size according to your needs. Next, you can print this sheet according to the number of your students.

Choices of a Ready-made Answer Sheet

Different assessment requires different answer sheets. The creators of this ready-made sheet understand this fact very well. That’s why they create several answer sheets for you to choose from. Here are some of them.

1.  Bubble test answer sheets

This sheet is pretty common in summative assessment. On this sheet, there are four or five bubbles in each number. Students must block one of the bubbles with their pencils in order to answer the question. These answer sheets are available in a different number of questions. Therefore, you can find one that is suitable for your assessment need.

2.  T/F answer sheets

True and False answer sheets are perfect for young learners’ assessment. If you need this sheet, you don’t need to make it because you can get the printable one.

3.  Multiple choices questions answer sheets

This particular sheet is almost similar to bubble test answer sheets. However, on this sheet, you can find four or five boxes in each number. To answer the questions, students can cross one of the boxes.

4.  Blank answer sheets

A blank answer sheet can be used for various types of assessment questions. You can use it for multiple choice questions or short answer questions.  Sample Answer Sheet for the Test Word Template Sample Blank Answer Sheet Example Sample Bubble Answer Sheet PDF Template Sample Practice Answer Sheet Sample Sample Pub Quiz Answer Sheet Template Sample SAT Diagnostic Answer Sheet Sample Sample Supplementary Multiple Choice Answer Sheet Sample Table Quiz Answer Sheet Word Template

In order to get those printable ready-made answer sheets, you need to download them. They are available for free and compatible with several computer programs.

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