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In any kind of organization and company, a scope of work becomes the most essential thing to have to make sure that the work project will be finished in certain expectations. This will provide guidelines and ensure that the employee can work in the same standard so they will result in the same product quality. To ease the work, many companies use the scope of work template. It is easier, simpler and better.

Any collaborators and contractors will use this scope of work, especially in a specific project. In the SOW, the details will include the terms, schedules, expected outcomes and so on.

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What Are The Difference Between Scope of Work and Statement of Work?

Scope of Work

The scope of work will explain more about the performance requirements for both quantity and quality. This also includes specifications, drawings, and notices. This document will explain how the work will be divided into specific task and deadlines. Furthermore, the methods are also required to be included.

Furthermore, the element of the scope of work includes project constraints, project, and exclusions. The project exclusion is a product that will not be included, for example, “a product with a 1-inch diameter”. Meanwhile, the projects are things that are restricted. for example the time and cost. The last is the project assumption that talks about assumption such as personnel and materials. This discussed things that are expected to be true.

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Statement of Work

The statement of work summarizes the goal and describes the expected outcome. One example we can take is collecting revenue data about A product in a certain period. This data will be analyzed by the finance department to predict the financial future.

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Many team members use this statement of work for day-to-day decision. We can see the IT team will always use the daily data to figure out what is happening and decide what needs to be done in the short term.

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SCOPE OF WORK Addendum 1

So what is the difference between the scope of work and statement of work? Keep in mind that the scope of work is a one section document of the statement of work. And the statement of work itself is a comprehensive document, detailing the guidelines, goals, schedule, costs, deliverable of a goal.

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The statement of work itself has three types which include:

Detail Statement of Work – This tells the contractor, supplier, and vendor about what to do with a certain work project.

  • Level of Effort – Hourly service workers often uses this statement of work which explains the general service performance.
  • Performance-based Statement of Work – Most governments opt for the SOW which covers the purpose, equipment, and resources. Usually, this focuses more on the outcomes instead of process.

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Our page provides the scope of work template that will help you define the process of the work that needs to be done by the contractor, temporary employee and also the employee to reach the project goal. It is free to download in all format that also enables you to edit the document.

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