Fire Arm Bill of Sale Sample Template

Sample Printable Firearm Bill of Sale Template

When you are going to buy a firearm, then the purchase must be included with the bill. This bill explains that the firearm has changed ownership. The sample firearm bill of sale is included in one legal document. In the bill, several parts must be written. Here are the contents of the bill.

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General Statement

The seller must include the general statement that opens the bill. The Statement explained that the transaction took place based on the agreement of the two parties without any coercion or hidden provisions. Buyers are also required to comply with applicable laws. One of the provisions in the age limit for firearm purchases, which is over 21 years.

Sample firearm bill of sale form

Fire Arm Information

This section explains about the fire arm’s information. You can encapsulate it in a table. This information includes caliber type, make, model, price, serial number, condition, and additional notes. All information must be clearly stated. This prevents misuse of firearms that can endanger other parties.

Seller Information

As a seller, all general information related to the transaction process must be posted. In addition to names, the information needed includes addresses, passport or driver licenses, telephone, and e-mail. This information is useful if the buyer later feels dissatisfied with the item or wants to make a complaint.

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Purchaser information

Same with the seller, the purchaser also must include his general identity. If any violations or suspected lies are found, the seller can easily meet the buyer. Phone numbers and e-mails must be filled by the purchaser.

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Legality Statement

After all information regarding the seller, buyer and item description, the bottom of the bill is the legality statement. This statement explains that all responsibilities are transferred to the buyer after the transaction is successful. The buyer also promises that the firearm will be used legally, not misused, and meet the applicable terms and conditions.

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Importance of Sample Fire Arm Bill of Sale

  1. As transaction

A firearm is not an item that can be sold freely. Buyers must be within the legal age range and make a conscious purchase. If the buyer receives a bill, it means they did not steal or steal it for free. In other words, they are responsible for the items. So when abused, they must take full responsibility.

  1. Ownership and Responsibility

The sample firearm bill of sale is valid proof that the item is not stolen goods. Seller transfers ownership, which means transfer responsibility. Seller assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the arm of fire that is rummy to change ownership. Now everything is the buyer’s rights.

  1. As to guarantee

With a bill, the seller cannot fool the buyer. Inside is a section where the description is explained in detail. This means the seller guarantees to the buyer that conditions are as stated on the bill. If a discrepancy is found, the buyer can claim by other agreements during the transaction.     Sample personal firearm bill of sale Sample Printable Firearm Bill of Sale Template

The seller and buyer must make a sample firearm bill of sale during the transaction. Besides the benefits that have been mentioned, the bill also avoids you from crimes that can result from illegal use. Make sure all the content contained in the bill is by the facts, including the identity of both parties and item descriptions.

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