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What Is Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are often used for recording and documenting discussion in the meeting. This is an essential media to record the contributions of participants. Besides, it is also used in the court of law as evidence. Furthermore, the meeting minutes are not only about the recording, but also a note that can help to summarize the discussions. Therefore, we provide meeting minutes template.

Annual Meeting Minutes templates

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Why Do We Need Meeting Minutes?


As we said above, the meeting minutes are a tool that summarizes the business meeting. This includes certain aspects including the name of the attendant, the name of the person who writes the meeting minutes and also details that are discussed.

board meeting minutes templates

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The meeting minutes will remind the attendant about what have been discussed including the issues, solutions and also other questions that need to be fixed. This is why meeting minutes should be distributed as soon as possible. Besides, if there is any change, this should be signed by the attendants.

Business Meeting Minutes templates

Committee Meeting Minute


The format will also depend on the meeting type. If it is an informal meeting, focusing on the essential parts is OK. In terms of format, there should be a rule for meeting minutes templates designed by the company. Or, the company/small businesses can download our meeting minutes templates. They are editable and customizable.

Corporation Meeting Minutes


The meeting minutes are not only important to people who couldn’t attend the meeting. This will help them update with the current issue and follow the solution. This is why this should be written accurately so someone can access and understand it easily.

Department Meeting Minutes

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This document should be unbiased and also accurate. This is why the recorder should confirm all of the information taken and clarify everything before it creates a dispute in the future.

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When and How The Meeting Minutes Are Shared?

Ideally, the meeting minutes are recorded in an electronic device because this will help make an accurate report with its tool for correcting grammar and fix the clarity. Besides, meeting minutes will require the attendant to stick with their commitment and deadlines. This is why ideally it should be distributed in 24 hours.

In this case, the meeting minutes function as a reminder about the commitment made during the meeting. This will also help the attendants to mark their calendar and their lists.

Furthermore, a recorder should always review the meeting minutes for the next meeting.

Meeting Minutes Action Items templates

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How Does The Company or Organization Handle Meeting Minutes

As we said many times in the earlier paragraph, this media is important for project success in the company. One time we might see some attendants skip the discussion due to certain cases. Therefore, this should be written clearly and effectively.

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Our page allows you to write well-managed meeting minutes with excellent template design that you can download for free. These are all editable and customizable for both informal and formal meeting. Make sure you write the document neatly so you can reach your success soon.

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