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Sample Weekly Payroll

Payroll Sheet Templates: Helpful Partner for a Well-Organized Payroll System

Human Resources Department is an essential department in the company that responsible for processing and calculating the employees’ payroll. Usually, the employees’ payroll consists of salary, benefits, and overtime pay. To ensure that the payroll is well-calculated can be such an intimidating task, to begin with. Therefore, payroll sheet templates are needed to help the HRD in working its task.

Sample Daily Payroll Template

What are the Contents of the Payroll Sheet?

The payroll sheet normally contains employees’ ID number, employees’ name, employees’ job title, annual salary, hourly wage, overtime rate, and et cetera. However, the payroll sheet’s tables can vary depends on the company and the number of employees in the company.

Sample Employee Sheet 1

Types of Payroll Sheet Template

Here are given several types of payroll sheet templates that commonly used in companies. You can select the most appropriate template that will make your company’s payroll system become well-structured.

  1. Weekly payroll template. This template is suitable for a company that pays the employees’ earnings on a weekly basis. Moreover, by using this template you can calculate employees’ income online or manually.
  2. Online payroll template. If you run an online enterprise, you might have some workers who work remotely. These remote workers usually receive their income through credit cards or other online channels. Therefore, this payroll template is preferable to record your workers’ salaries.
  3. Employee payroll template. This kind of payroll sheet template can be advantageous for both employees and employers. Why is that so? Because by applying this template, the employers can keep an organized record of the employees’ payroll. Meanwhile, the employees can keep an eye on their payroll details. This template is also beneficial to track the workers’ progress in the company.
  4. Payroll budget template. For companies that newly established or long-existed companies that doing the yearly planning, this fourth type of payroll sheet templates can be an appropriate complement for the planning of budget allocation of various departments in the company.
  5. Bi-weekly payroll template. The system of the last payroll sheet templates is similar to the weekly template. The difference is in the date where you pay the employees. Here the employees accept their paychecks twice a week or every two weeks. Sample Monthly Payroll Sample Payroll Exception Sample Payroll Information Sheet Sample Payroll Time Sample Weekly Payroll

You can get these types of payroll sheet templates through the internet. Besides downloading through the internet, you can make your own payroll sheet with Excel app and hopefully this helps you in creating the well-established payroll system.

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