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The quotation is often used by people. It talks about someone or people who take the paragraphs excerpted from stories, books, journals or researches of powerful people for certain purposes. Students or people who have an opinion will also use a quotation to support their arguments. Before, they will analyze the paragraphs then use it right after. This is why students and people will collect a number of quotes to help them have clear arguments. They usually will collect the quotations in a log book to ease them find the main resources. Therefore, we provide you quotation template.

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Today, quotation becomes entertaining stuff. Some people collect quotes for creating a fan page or other entertaining purpose. To make it easier, they should collect it in a sheet. And yes, if you are one of them, you can download our quotation template on this page.

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Custom Quotation Order for Passive Samplers

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When Do We Need To Quote and Paraphrase?

It is important to remember that any kind of ideas should be supported by something. This is why you borrow material outside of your brain to support your argument. And remember, don’t let other’s idea ruin your paper.

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However, it is more suggested to paraphrase than quoting something. It is because the quotation tends to stand by itself and looks separated from your writing. Besides, it is not blended with your paragraph. Of course, we don’t mean to say that paraphrasing is much better. There are several reasons too why you prefer quoting directly from the source.

  • Authority – Sometimes, a statement is more convincing so make quotation makes the writing more powerful.
  • Precision – Paraphrasing can eliminate the powerful words, so this makes people like quoting directly.
  • Vividness – In paraphrasing, something descriptive can be lost.

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Quotation Template In Business

In terms of business, a quotation has a different meaning. It is a way to create your own prices such as estimation, price quote, sales quote, and service quote. It is more like an agreement between a vendor and a customer.

People often have a misunderstanding about estimation and quotation. Keep in mind that price in quotes is usually binding. In the other hand, the estimates don’t apply this kind of thing.

Usually, if a customer accepts a quote, the company will convert it to an invoice. However, of course, quotation and invoice are two different things.

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You can download our quotation template here for your business. It is customizable and editable for your company and of course print-ready. You can print it directly after creating some editing.

We remind you not to send quotation in excel forms because it creates a chance to be changed by someone. Send it in PDF form for safety. So, this is perfect if you download our template. It is available in many formats. It is also designed for smaller companies too.

So, if you are running a business and still don’t have a quotation format, we have a huge number of them with the friendly and readable design. It fits any kind of business types.

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