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If a kid is suffering serious disease and is admitted to the hospital and the doctor is concerning about its seriousness, then he/she needs the medical authorization form which is used to order the hospital authorization. This document will allow the doctor to take serious actions in such a situation. Besides, this form is also needed when someone is asking an insurance verification. In this page, you can learn how the format through our sample medical authorization form.

medical authorization form sample


How To Obtain An Authorization Form for Insurance Companies?

  • Step 1 – Once the patient has been scheduled to go through a procedure, then the patient should get the insurance verification process. In this case, the insurance company needs the authorization to this procedure. To obtain it, you need to contact the physician’s office to see whether the authorization form has been obtained.
  • Step 2 – If the physician office already has the authorization, then you need to get its number. Or, if they don’t have the number, you have to contact the appropriate department in your insurance company. It is a wise act too to match the information with your records.
  • Step 3 – Keep in mind to remind the physician’s office to get the authorization number before doing the procedure. But usually, the doctor is very compliant because they want the patients to get the best care.
  • Step 4 – Do the follow up with the insurance company. If it is possible, you can request a fax of authorization for the records. You probably will need later.
  • Step 5 – If the procedure is changed in the last minute, you have to contact the insurance company as soon as possible so they could add change details in the authorization. Usually, insurance companies allow it under 24-hour notice for the approval of changes.

medical authorization health information form


What Kind of Information Should Be Included In The Form?

There are some items that needs to be included in the authorization form.

  • The first information is the medical history of the patients.
  • The second ones are the symptoms, conditions, and also a diagnosis that supports the procedures.
  • The illness, symptoms occurred and disease should be included.
  • Nex, the document of medical check-ups such as X-rays, labs, and surgeries are included too.
  • The physician’s notes (progress notes)
  • The treatments method if it is available and applicable.

medical authorization letter


What Are The Purpose of Medical Authorization form?

There are some purposes of medical authorization form which some of them are for telling the patients’ about the disease and illness. By this way, the doctors can tell the family and relatives to get prepared with the agreement before certain procedures are done.

medical authorization record release form


When Is An Authorization Form Needed?

There are some times a physician and nurse are required to use this document. It is usually used when the patient is suffering from a serious disease that requires the person to go through certain procedures. This is also required when the family is getting prepared to sign some different agreements related to it.


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