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Sample Money Received Template PDF 1

Transactions involving item transfer and purchasing require receipts. A receipt is a record that proves that the transaction process is successful and valid. Generally, the template for this receipt is called the sample money receipt. Some sample templates below are tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Sample Money Deposit Receipt PDF 1

Acknowledgment Money

This receipt contains information that one party has received a certain amount of cash. The cash is paid for a purpose whether it is a purchase or payment on the transaction date. The recipient of the money must sign the receipt with his name. You can add a statement that the receipt is valid for filing complaints.

Sample Money Donation Receipt PDF 1

Controlled Money

This sample is used if the recipient makes a transaction on behalf of a representative. That is why receipts are called controlled money. The contents of the receipt are information about the cash receipt data starting from the date, source and amount of cash. Then, this cash will be transferred to the actual recipient’s account through a representative.

Sample Money Receipt for Rent PDF 1

Sample Money Receipt Example

The use of money receipts is a popular contract purpose. Receipt explains the seller, buyer, date of the contract and also closing instances. The bottom part of the receipt is a statement that explains the terms and conditions of the contract. Earnest money holders are those who will sign the receipt.

Sample Money Receipt Template Doc 1

Meal Money

If you are organizing an event such as a tour, you must make a sample money receipt called meal money. The header consists of destination, destination, departure date, and return date. The main part of the receipt is a list of names of cash recipients and the amount received. Participants will receive cash for food.

Confirmation Money

This receipt form contains confirmation of the transactions that have been made. Generally, the template is made by the cash recipient. The first part is filled by the recipient by filling in his identity and the giver of cash. The second part is the amount of cash received and the intended use. The final part of the receipt is the place, date, and signature of the recipient.

Sample Money Receipt Types

  1. Sales

This type of receipt is widely used for sales purposes, such as supermarkets. The template will be printed by the machine when payment will be made. This benefits both the retailer and the customer because it has a shopping record. Both parties will not be disadvantaged because the claim requires receipt as evidence.

  1. Rental

Rental activities require a receipt. This prevents over claiming period as well as valid proof of payment. A receipt will be issued by the landlord or owner. The tenant will only accept a copy. The benefits of making a rental receipt are numerous, for example, the track record of tenants in paying compliance.

  1. Office

Offices have a variety of transaction activities. Everything must be documented so that there is no over budget that can harm the company. Usually, a receipt will be made in detail and is printable. The header section of the receipt has a logo and company name as a sign that the transaction is official.    Sample Money Received Template PDF 1

The use of sample money receipts in a variety of business needs is considered important. A receipt will act as an accountable record so it can be accounted for. The receipt has various types that can be chosen according to needs. You can use the editable or printable version instead of creating your template.

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