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Sample training manuals are essential to an organization. This document provides information about specific tasks which later will be used by new employees. The information included in the training manual includes procedure and policies which need to be followed. This is also a good tool to supervise and provide a framework, so the new employees can meet the standard of the company.

Printable Sample Training Manual templates

How Many Sample Training Manuals You Should Know?

Company training manuals – The company training manuals provide information, general policies and also procedures that apply to employees. This talks about instructions, procedures, and process of the management system, safety products, and even emergency.

Position Specific Training Manuals – Each organization needs training manuals to give the employees instruction about how to perform duties and tasks specifically.

Task-Oriented Training Manuals – Organizations often make task-oriented training manuals separately from the company and position specific training manual. The example we can find is when employees can share the responsibility for answering a call. This is why there should be a format that can be followed by any employee from every department.

Sample Training Manual templates

What Are Training Manual Examples To Know?

Harassment Prevention – Each company must have this training manual to prevent harassment. This document includes procedures and policies about this case. Besides, the employee is also trained to reach and respond to what to do if they feel harassed.

Safety Training – The safety training includes certain information about specific hazards, what to do and how to responds when something harmful is coming.

Sales Training – The sales training includes certain information about the selling process. This includes how to effectively sell a product with certain techniques.

Additional Documents – Some additional documents are including manager’s employee training manuals, quality assurance example manual, plant employee training manual sample and restaurant training manual templates.

Sample Training Manual Format

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How To Use Sample Training Manuals?

Well, with the fact that making training manuals will eat your time, you can download our sample training manuals for some ideas. These templates are customizable. You can download it for free without having to sign up on our page.

The training manuals are so helpful in so many ways which this can save your time to train your new employee. Or at least you provide the atmosphere of your workplace, how things work and do. In another case, your employee can learn faster especially for certain works.

Generally, the training manual is made to make the employees work in the order and understand easily about their job description. You can create an awesome manual for the employees using our templates. By making a good training manual, your employee will be more aware of certain details. This will work effectively when you make it neatly. So, create good manuals with our template.

Sample Training Manual templates Example Sample Training Manual templates Format Sample Training Manual templates 1 Sample Tutor Training Manual

If you want to make it manually, you can begin with the head start and company manual design. After that, continue it with your own manuals. Anyway, you can also use our template and customize it as you need. It is editable.

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