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Essential Roles of Table of Contents Template for You

To have a table of contents template is very important if you want to make a good ordered table of content. It will be useful for you as an author. You cannot imagine about a book without a table of content or a book with the wrong table of content. It will be confusing for you. Also, it will make the reader lose direction of what they want to get. Thus, to put the right and appropriate table of content is so necessary.

In the case of an appropriate table of content, you certainly need the right and simple ways to make it happen, right? Thus, what you need to do is to make it using Word. With a table of the content word, everything will be easier for you. So, keep reading and don’t miss the way to make it with Word below.

Tips To Make a Table of Contents Template

If you need a simple way to make a table of content, Word is the best choice for you. Here are the tips to follow.

  1. Make a blank table of content

Firstly, you can make a blank table of content before writing what to put in it. You can make it with Table option on Word. Just click it and decide the amount of column you need for your table of content. After that, click again and the blank table of content will appear on your screen. Besides, you can also download the blank table of content template. It is easier since there has been a blank table of content there.

  1. Enter the content to put in the table of content

After you have the blank table of contents template, then, you can fill it with the words to write in the table of content. Some words to write are such as a list of table of content and pages. With the blank table of content, it will make the order of your table of content becomes well-ordered. It can be so because there is some table that will border the words to stay well-ordered.

  1. Color the line of the table in white

After you finish writing the table of content, you can make the line of the table become white. Thus, the table line will not appear and there will be only words of a table of the content shown there. The look of the table of content will look so tidy.

Benefits of using the table of contents template

By using this template, you will get some benefits while making a table of content. Here are two significant benefits you will get

  1. Simplify the process of making a tidy order
  2. Fasten the process of editing

Seen from the benefits and easy ways to use the table of contents template, you are strongly suggested to use it. Thus, your table of content will be tidy and well-ordered.

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