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7 Ten Frame Template Ideas: Introducing Numbers is So Easy

Being a kindergarten or the elementary school teacher is not easy. Moreover, the students are in the growth time. They do not too active in perceiving subjects such as language and math. Although it is quite difficult, the ten frame template will ease your burden. It helps you to enjoy your profession along with the ups and down. Looking for the ten frame worksheets printable if you need to the fast result. Besides that, take the template in a blank form on the internet. So, you could start your work to make the math learning media.

SMARTBoard Ten Frame templatess

Purposes and Utilization of the Ten Frame Template

Acquiring the numbers is the base step to learn mathematics for the children. Even though, it is not as easy as the theory in the university. You have to understand the characters of the children and it needs a different way to teach them. They cannot receive the material fast such as the student in the high grades, junior high school, and the senior high school. Nonetheless, it will be a big achievement when your success to make them know about the numbers.

Ten Frame templates With Dots

Make them comfort in around you before you convey the lesson. When they have got the chemistry with you, they will obey you and easier to receive material. Then, create a fun learning time with the ten frame template ideas. By this tool, you are going to know the purpose and the function such as below:

  1. Appropriate for Kids

The template helps to increase the mental mathematics capability.

  1. Make the children loving the mathematics subject

Seemly, mathematics is the most hate subject for the people in the world. However, the tool will invite the interest of the students to like it. It is primary for kids in the growth period.

  1. Develop the knowledge about the addition and subtraction
  2. Develop the knowledge about the right numbers at least from 1-10.
  3. It also becomes the first step to introduce about two-digit number concept

Themed Ten Frame

7 Sorts of the Ten Frame Learning Media

Would you like to try using the ten frame template? Just follow the 7 designs of the template below:

  1. Printable Base Ten Frame

Even, the children could make it if you ask them to do and give the guidance. It is very simple where there are a white paper and ten frames. Then, you quite fill the frame with dots or characters to teach them about the number.

  1. Double Ten Frames

The work system of the frame is similar to the first design. Here, you only see two same frames on one paper or you have 20 frames in the same size.

  1. Dotted Tens Frames

The template which has some dots on the frame is suitable for the beginners. It eases the children to increase their skill and create the affinity toward the subject.

Dotted tens frames

  1. Ten Frame Theme

Children are the creatures who like with images so much. So, it is a good idea to insert the current theme on the template. It is such as the butterfly, flowers, transportation, and so on.

  1. Bonds Ten Frame

The template is almost similar to the dotted ten frames. Even though, the big dots fulfill the frame with different color.

  1. Airplane Shaped Ten Frame

The template comes in a cute airplane where the frames are the windows of the plane.

  1. Smartboard Ten Frame

It is a board that load ten template at once. Even, you can add text and number inside.

Aeroplane Ten Frame templates  Double Sample Ten Frame Mat templates Printable Ten Frame Mat templates

Okay, those are 7 samples of the ten frame template. Enjoy your time with your little students and create a smart generation with the template.

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