Wedding Guest List Template

Wedding Guest List templates

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Planning the nuptials is so tricky. You have to deal with everything, even the simplest things such as the guests you are going to invite are important. This will decide the venue size, catering, decoration until the concept of your wedding party. Luckily, you are always allowed to have RSVP so you can make sure how many guests that will come to your party.

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However, sometimes the RSVP doesn’t work well. You still have to know some guests that cannot attend your nuptials. Therefore, using the wedding guest list template will help you track down the guests. If you find your closest friends and colleagues couldn’t attend your party, you can decide to plan the second party or gathering to welcome them. It is simpler for you!

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How To Deal With The Guest List Nightmares

Inviting guests for nuptials is a nightmare. You probably want to invite some friends, relatives and colleagues only. In the end, you miss out several people which can be the most offensive thing you do. On the other hand, you invite too many people and most of them couldn’t come to your party so you waste a lot of money. So, here are some tips to make an effective guest list.

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Decide Whom You Want To Invite

Inviting guests can be so tricky especially if both parents want you to invite their friends too. That’s why you need to be clear about the expectation of your wedding. Therefore, it is important to talk about it with everyone who gets involved including your parents, so there will be no surprise especially with the budget.

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To help you decide, traditionally the brides get half the guest and then the remaining guests will be divided into two for parents. So one parent’s side will get a quarter and the remaining parents will get the same proportion. This will end the drama.

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Use Collaborative System

Using collaborative system can help you manage the guest’s list. Let anyone input their free time and edit it. You can use certain applications or form you can upload on your site so the guests can update it. Besides, this can be the alternative of RSVP which saves your time a lot.

You can separate the names and decide what you can include or not. This includes catering whether some of your guests have allergies to certain food or not.

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Only Invite People Who Are Possible To Attend Your Wedding

Track again the name of your guest and then decide which names that have the highest possibility to come. In case you have a good friend then you don’t have a necessity to invite someone you never heard.

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Always Be Realistic

Is it Ok to crunch the number of wedding guests? It is always Ok to avoid your from stress. Yes, because this will save you from the excessive budget from the venue and other things. It is a daunting task to have such a huge number of guest. So, always be mindful with your finances. In case you are ready, then it is Ok!

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